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【IFFA】2021 (No.12) New Patterns Catalog & Download !  Please Contact us for more information.

New proposal !!!
Inspiring from New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022
IFFA launched four new CS-10 with fashion colors.
No longer just grey marble, hydrographic can have fashion colors as well.

*Basil Green: Sweet and savory Basil emanates health and wellness
*Gossamer Pink: Soft and powdery Gossamer Pink has a light and tender touch
*Kelly Green: Similarly strong and vibrant
*Spun Sugar: Sweetened pastel with an airy nature

NEW Stone Design Hydrographic Film.
IFFA exclusive pearly-lustre stone pattern shows crystal sparkling finished effect!
Pattern No.: CS-73, CS-74

Our new E-DM is launched. Welcome everyone download and get some ideas from IFFA's catalog.